Mondays Looks

Hi everyone, another new week which means another new look!
Today I have two looks to show you guys. This week was a little different we did a bit of Egyptian and Elizabethan makeup.

I loved doing both looks because they are so different to each other and I learned so much about the Egyptian and Elizabethan times aswell as the makeup.


So for the Egyptian look I choose this photo to be my guideline, I went and did the foundation as I would normally because the Egyptians were quite bronze anyway, but it was the eyes I was focusing on. I used a turquoise blue from Inglots eye-shadow palette, and patted that on and then went in with my black gel eyeliner. I used my pencil brush for the triangle on the outer of the eye. For the eyebrow I used Spike eyebrow pencil by MAC on the whole brow to darken it and give it shape. I also used my black eyeliner pencil for the lower lash line to give it more depth.




I really enjoyed doing the Elizabethan, because I love the pale look. I used Makeup Forever in Matt Velvet. This was perfect for the look. I then covered over her brows with a very light concealer but I didn’t block them out completely as I want some brow to peek through. I just gave the eyes a wash of white because back they never did much with eye makeup it was more about the lips and cheeks. On the cheeks I used coral powder blush by LA Creative. Moving onto the lips I used my cherry lipliner by MAC and covered it with Ruby Woo also by MAC. It was a simple look but very striking. All she’s missing is the wig and costume now and she’s ready to go.


I definitely think these are great looks for Halloween! Let me know what you think guys. Chat soon!


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